Make energy-efficiency a big part of your business

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Energy-efficiency is what we do best. We understand that increased prices for just about everything continued to create hardship for many customers. Our energy experts are ready to help with more energy-saving programs and rebates than any other utility in Florida.

Here are steps you can take to reduce energy usage at your facility:

  • Start by scheduling a free in-facility Energy Audit. A professionally certified energy auditor will evaluate your facility and identify ways you can conserve energy and recommend rebate programs to help offset the cost of upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.
  • Remind employees to turn off their laptops and other devices or put them in sleep mode whenever they leave for an extended period. Idle equipment can consume energy and cost you money.
  • Turn off heating and cooling in vacant spaces. Save even more by closing overhead doors and applying tint to windows.
  • Consider installing smart thermostats that can shut down heating, A/C and ventilating equipment during unoccupied periods. Check out our smart thermostat rebate.
  • Install occupancy sensors that can detect occupants in a room and automatically turn on or turn off lights. Check out our lighting occupancy sensor rebate.
  • If you use an air compressor, you can save about ten percent on energy costs if it’s properly maintained. Make sure the fan belts are properly tensioned and fittings/bearings are greased.
  • Identify and eliminate phantom electric loads such as unused computers and refrigerators.
  • Water heaters that are rarely used can often be turned down or wrapped with additional insulation to increase their efficiency.
  • Install plastic strip curtains at refrigeration doors and walk-in units to reduce cooling losses when doors are open.
  • Review startup and shutdown procedures with employees to ensure equipment is not started before needed or left on longer than necessary.

Learn more about all our energy-saving programs for business. Take a minute to complete our online form to request a free in-facility Energy Audit or call 813-275-3909 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.