Military Appreciation Month Employee Spotlight: Arlee Jones

As part of our ongoing celebration of Military Appreciation Month, we’re highlighting the remarkable stories of our team members. This week, the TECO Veterans Alliance (TVA) shines the spotlight on Arlee Jones, Project Manager for Tampa Electric. Join us as Arlee shares how his experiences in the United States Navy have influenced his life and career.

Military Appreciation Arlee JonesMaster Chief Electrician’s Mate - Nuclear - Arlee Jones served in the United States Navy from 1976 to 2000. Here is his story. Arlee and his wife Alma (above, left), son Willie (bottom left) and daughters Nedra, Taneadra and LaTasha (right).

Written by Arlee Jones, Project Manager for Tampa Electric

Reflecting on my time in the military during Military Appreciation Month, I am reminded of the diverse roles and responsibilities I undertook. Early in my career, I operated the nuclear reactor plant on submarines. As I advanced, I transitioned into senior leadership, overseeing the electrical and reactor engineering divisions. This progression allowed me to refine my leadership skills and deepen my technical expertise, laying a strong foundation for my future endeavors. The experience was challenging, yet immensely rewarding, and it shaped the way I approach both professional and personal life.

Adapting to military life was a complex balancing act between the extended working environment and maintaining a semblance of home life. Initially, I joined the military to receive engineering training faster than traditional college and to travel and see the world. I had anticipated a strict and boring lifestyle, but my perception quickly changed. The camaraderie and teamwork I found were unparalleled, leading to life-long friendships and a sense of belonging. Conversations with my family, especially my father, an Air Force Captain, were important. His advice to choose a program that would support my civilian goals guided me through the decision-making process and made my transition smoother.

Memories from my deployments are vivid and varied. I was deployed on ballistic submarines, so communication with family was limited, but we managed to keep in touch through family grams and (limited) emails. One memorable moment from boot camp still brings a smile to my face — everyone had to drop in the snow and do pushups because one person talked during formation. These experiences taught me discipline, focus and situational awareness, attributes that have greatly influenced my career at TECO. My military service was not just a job, and I truly wish more civilians understood what an honor and commitment it is to serve. It wasn't easy, but the rewards and the sense of purpose we carried were profound.

Arlee credits his military background for the discipline, focus and situational awareness he uses as a Project Manager at TECO.