Celebrating Tampa Electric’s Emergency Management Excellence

Managing huge scenes like this – staging out-of-area crews in Plant City ahead of post-Hurricane Ian restoration –

is a big part of what Angie Leslie and Camyrn Henry do.

Tampa Electric’s Emergency Management and Business Continuity team comes through time and again when the company and community are counting on them the most – and now two of its team members, Angie Leslie and Camryn Henry, have new power behind their expertise and drive.

Angie, who earlier this past year was promoted as Manager of Emergency Management and Business Continuity, was recently awarded recertification as a Florida Professional Emergency Manager by the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA). This accomplishment is not easy to attain and is a testament to Angie’s work ethic, dedication and commitment to Tampa Electric. It required many hours of advanced specialized training and a comprehensive review by her peers of accomplishments in the emergency management field. Most recently this included her work involving all hazards readiness as well as her recent efforts in supporting storm deployments.

Camryn, on Angie’s team as an Emergency Management Technician, has achieved certification as a Florida Associate Emergency Manager by FEPA. This accomplishment is a testament to Camryn's hard work and dedication. To achieve certification, Camryn also completed many hours of advanced specialized training and demonstrated her abilities in a number of exercises, storm deployments and in incident planning. For many of her peers this accomplishment is seen as a major step for someone with such a short tenure in the profession and critical to her growth as an emergency management professional.

With both Angie and Camryn receiving such honors, they’re in great company at TECO – and it’s clear that their peers from across Florida understand the special skills and expertise both possess. They are part of a unique group of professionals to have achieved significant professional achievement in the emergency management field. FEPA will formally recognize them at its annual awards later this year. In the meantime, please take a moment to congratulate them on these tremendous achievements.