Field Day of the Year!

Smile-makers/Sullivan School volunteers from TECO: 100% Certified Fresh.

Field Day of the Year!

Critics are calling Sullivan Field Day the “field-good” hit of early summer – and audiences agree. The smile-makers whose opinions matter most have spoken and here’s what they have to say:

“Thank you for all you do to make the students and staff feel so loved and appreciated.” – Nurse Carol

“Thank you for your time and for always helping our little school out. WE are so grateful!” – Jody

“The 5th graders had a blast! We appreciate you all so much. Thanks for all you do for us!” – Patti Ferlita

“THANK YOU!! The kids truly appreciate the time, effort and resources you continue to give to our school. You are a large part of our success here at Sullivan!” – Mrs. Taylor

Now for the Backstory

What makes the Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School in Tampa so special? It’s an A-rated school (for academic excellence) serving children from homeless families – the ones who benefit hugely from help TECO can provide. The Tampa Heights school is easily accessible to TECO team members in Tampa who care about the communities we serve.

A school with eager young students in need; TECO team members willing and able to help the future find itself. What’s not to love? In late May, as another school year came to an end, the answer was: nothing.

TECO volunteers donated prizes and candy for field day (and bagged them too).

Meanwhile, at Field Day...

TECO team members once again made it a field day for the ages – was it the best one yet? Volunteers from Manager of Customer Research, Strategy and Strategic Projects Amy Lester’s team even created an Amazon Wishlist (all items bought!) bringing carnival games, prizes, candy and more to the field day experience.

We’ve heard from the school; let’s hear what TECO’s smile-makers have to say about field day:

“I had a great experience during the Pre-K and 1st-grade session. I watched a group of students play limbo, and when one little boy got out, he seemed a little defeated, so I asked if he’d like to play bean bag tic tac toe with me, and he happily agreed. We had so much fun playing, and more kids started to join us. We played boys versus girls and volunteer versus volunteer, and one little girl continued to let me win and wanted to be on my team every time we played. She gave me so many hugs, showing me that even one day can make a difference. Seeing them laugh, smile, and play was the ultimate form of gratitude.” – Sr. CE Strategy Analyst Shakedra Peurrung

“Just seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces from beginning to the end was wonderful, starting as they walked in to being pumped to get their medals and candy bags at the end.” – Distribution Design Technician II Stephen Cox

“During a session with Pre-K and 1st graders, I had the pleasure of playing Jenga with two little girls. However, they had a different idea in mind. They asked if they could use the blocks to build a house with a pool, and a big bathroom, on the beach. I happily agreed, and we ended up building the most amazing house together. When it was time for them to leave, they asked if I would be returning, I assured them that we would be back, and they were overjoyed. It was a heartwarming experience to witness the joy of these young ones, knowing that we played a role in bringing happiness to them. It truly is an indescribable feeling.” – CE Market Research Analyst Edna Salihic

“It was great to see how excited the kids were to see us; it’s always a great time playing games with them and getting out into the community making a difference.” – Distribution Design Technician II Brandi Scott

blog_fieldday3.jpgParachutes: for keeping your dreams in the sky and your feet on the ground.

Excitement at Sullivan School will Return...

and you can be part of it. You can donate during event drives; you can also mentor a young mind who can learn and grow with your kindness and wisdom. (Or you can do both!) Sadly, the challenges and hardships of families that attend Sullivan may not go away any time soon. Happily, you can make a positive difference and bask in the big smiles that come with it.

As for the critics mentioned at the top of this blog post, those are the students, of course – because kids are good at calling it like it is and they don’t often hesitate to let you know if they like something. Sullivan Field Day 2023? They loved it.