Inspiring Futures and Connecting the Community

Expo 1At the USF Engineering Expo, students of all ages engaged in TECO’s hands-on activities to help ignite their passion for STEM.

As the main corporate sponsor, we’re proud to share the University of South Florida (USF) College of Engineering’s 52nd Annual Engineering Expo was a huge hit with attendees of all ages. The event last Friday and Saturday was free and open to the community to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) among current and future engineers, scientists and students.

Team members from Peoples Gas and Tampa Electric wowed attendees with our innovative technologies - showcasing everything from the Mobile Guard detection vehicle to the intricate process of getting electric power from generating stations to homes and businesses. Year after year, our presence adds a dynamic dimension to the event, highlighting real-world applications of engineering in the energy sector.

Expo 2At the USF Engineering Expo, students learned how pedal power can generate electricity to illuminate light bulbs.

Along with a thermal-imaging station, an electric vehicle and bucket trucks, Tampa Electric hosted a new version of the ever-popular stationary bicycle. Eager volunteers hopped on to pedal and generate power for household light bulbs. Attendees also got to try out tools we use to safely restore power and learn about our expanding solar power projects, technology capabilities and reach. All the action drew quite the crowd with various hands-on activities to show how we maintain 99.98 percent service reliability.

Complete with new interactive displays, Peoples Gas also offered plenty of engaging fun for students and adults alike, including a renewable natural gas and gas distribution display. The Peoples Gas team also showcased a new play-and-learn display board where kids learned about valves and regulators while having a blast shooting off rockets.

Expo 3At this Peoples Gas pipeline pressure exhibit, the students are looking up at an object demonstrating the power and pressure valves in Peoples Gas service lines.

One USF engineering student on track to graduate in May with a civil engineering degree said, "I came to check out the local companies in our area." Along with other industry leaders in Tampa Bay, our team members were happy to chat about potential job opportunities across TECO.

One attendee brought her five-year-old grandson along to expose him to different trades. She said, "I want him to see what's out there and get a taste of everything."

From checking out all the cool exhibits to chatting with professionals in the industry, everyone left feeling inspired and ready to dive into the world of engineering.