Be Aware of Downed Power Lines - and Know How to Respond


We at Tampa Electric care about your safety. Tree limbs, weather and vehicle accidents can cause utility lines to fall – and those lines could pose a safety issue.

“If you see any utility line hanging from a pole or lying on the ground, it’s important for you and others to stay away, and to report it to us immediately,” said Gerry Chasse, vice president of Tampa Electric’s Electric Delivery. “Your quick action could save someone’s life.”

What if you encounter a dangling line? Here are a few tips:

  • Assume it’s a power line and that it’s “live,” or energized. Lines can be energized even if they are motionless and appear dead. 
  • Immediately get to safety and keep a safe distance away from the line and anything it’s touching, such as a fence or a car. 
  • Call Tampa Electric at (877) 5881010 and say “emergency,” or call 911.
  • Warn passersby and neighbors about the line and keep pets away from it. 
  • Don’t try to trim branches away from it. Don’t try to move the line with a stick or other object. 

These same rules apply in your car. If you see a downed power line in the road, don’t drive over it. If a downed line touches your car, stay inside the vehicle. Don’t try to leave your car unless there’s immediate danger, such as a fire. Call 911 and wait for first responders to give you instructions.

Tampa Electric treats downed power lines as emergencies, and we encourage you to, also.

Stay Away from Power Lines