Tapping the sun and battery technology to light up the night

Our lighting team recently installed 175 new streetlights in Creek Preserve, a new housing development in Wimauma. But these are no ordinary streetlights. Each light is equipped with a solar panel and a battery. The solar panel makes energy during the day that’s stored in the battery to illuminate the light at night. What happens if cloud cover occurs several days in a row? No problem, the battery stores enough energy to illuminate the light for several nights.

And there’s more. The streetlights include smart technology that saves energy by dimming the light at night and automatically switching to full-light mode when movement is detected, like people walking and cars going by. “The new lights support Tampa Electric’s efforts to be a cleaner and greener community partner,” said Art Bosshart, manager, lighting growth at Tampa Electric. “The solar and battery lights are a big hit and we already have plans to install them at other new housing developments across West Central Florida.”

In support of our mission to go greener, we’re midway through a multiyear project to upgrade all street and area lights with energy-efficient smart light-emitting diode (LED) technology. View our LED upgrade page and video to learn more.

We lease area lights for home and business

You heard right. If you’re a homeowner looking to illuminate your property* or a business owner looking to light your parking lot or other area, we offer an array of fixtures and poles. Our trained technicians are ready to help you design, install and maintain a custom lighting solution designed to meet your unique needs. Visit our Bright Choices outdoor lighting page to learn more.

*Some poles and fixtures are not available for single-home installation and the area must be accessible via bucket truck.