TECO Volunteers Bring Joy to World War II Veteran



Volunteers from the TECO Veterans Alliance (TVA) and Tampa Electric’s Lighting team joined forces with Habitat for Humanity last Friday to help improve the quality of life for a World War II veteran.

“I was at a recent gathering, and someone said Habitat for Humanity could use our help,” said Terry Hogate, Lighting Design and Operations Supervisor. “As I explained the project, more and more team members jumped on board.”

From painting to landscaping, volunteers did it all as more than a dozen team members spent hours in the summer heat. Not only did this outreach project beautify the property, but it also brought joy to the heart of a World War II veteran.


“We would have been happy to assist anyone, but World War II veterans are the pinnacle of what all veterans strive to be,” said Hogate. “As a newbie to the area, I couldn’t think of a better way to get involved.”

Hogate recently moved to Tampa from Smyrna, Delaware, with his wife and two small children. One of the first things the 10-year Navy veteran did when he started at TECO was join the TVA employee resource group.

"Joining the TVA immediately allowed me to create a deep connection with peers,” said Hogate. “We may all have different backgrounds, but it was so refreshing to surround myself with like-minded people.”

That like-mindedness, along with TECO’s desire to give back to our community, helped Habitat for Humanity inch closer to their mission of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

“Our customers keep the lights on for us as a company, the least we can do is provide a much-needed spark in return,” said Hogate.