Drive SmartSM Brings Electric Vehicle Chargers to your Business!

Content 1Smart business owners know that keeping up with technology is key to keeping customers and employees. As electric vehicles become more popular, how can your business serve their drivers and capture that forward-thinking market segment?

One way is through Tampa Electric's new Drive Smart program.

We will install more than 200 plug-in electric vehicle (EV) chargers at qualifying business customer locations and contribute up to $5,000 toward equipment and installation costs for each charge port. Participating businesses will be responsible for the electric service consumption to each location, at standard Tampa Electric rates. Businesses have the option to charge a fee to EV drivers for using the new charging ports.

As part of this exciting pilot program, Tampa Electric will own and maintain the chargers. In exchange, each business will agree to provide access to charging data that will directly support long-term electrical infrastructure planning and reliability. To ensure diverse placement of the chargers, we'll install chargers to serve five market segments: workplace, public/retail, multi-unit dwellings, income-qualified and government.

View our news release and frequently asked questions to learn more.

If you're a business customer interested in hosting an EV charger at your location, please follow these steps to complete an application.

Required Documentation

Please have the following documents available prior to completing the online application. You will be asked to submit this information along with additional details about the proposed site.

  • An aerial image (ex: Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.) of the proposed site that identifies the general area where the EV parking spaces would be located.
    • Format: PDF, JPG or PNG.
    • Size: Up to 100MB.
  • If the proposed parking area is in a parking garage and cannot be seen from an aerial image, please provide photos of the area instead. You may upload multiple photos by zipping the contents into a folder and uploading the zipped folder when prompted.
    • Format: PDF, JPG or PNG.
    • Size: Up to 100MB.


Once you have all the required documentation, please complete the application. The application will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Our Commitment

We're committed to working with our customers, business leaders and government to advance the transition to cleaner methods of transportation. This aligns with our company's mission to reduce greenhouse emissions and provide leadership in areas that deliver value throughout the communities we serve.

Types of Electric Vehicles

Consumers have more options than ever before, and more are on the way. Learn about the various types of EVs so you're sure to choose the one that's right for you.

Charging Options

It's important to determine how you will charge your EV. Your options may vary based on where you live and the type of EV you choose to drive. Learn more about charging options and identify one or more that works best for you.

Plug-In & Save

You will save money driving electric vs. fueling at the pump. But that's not all. Check out the eGallon cost calculator, access links to locate public charging and learn about incentives that are available when you purchase or lease an EV.

Our Green Fleet

Check out our green fleet that includes all electric, extended-range and battery-powered trouble trucks.

Want more information about electric vehicles? Keep tabs on our blog, where you'll find posts on the latest news, events we'll sponsor, places we'll be in the community and more.

Find a charging station

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Have an EV question?

Send an email to Tampa Electric at

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