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Project Area Map

Tampa Electric is committed to providing reliable, cost-effective electricity in downtown Tampa today and in the future.

We are building a new substation and power line in this area. These improvements will result in increased reliability and greater storm resistance. Please refer to the project map. Tampa Electric is:

  • Building a new substation on Cass Street, near Nebraska Avenue, on the north end of downtown.
  • Installing a new underground power line running west for three blocks along Cass Street, and then south on Jefferson Street for about a quarter-mile, connecting to Tampa Electric's existing Washington Street Substation.
  • Building a new overhead power line running east for two blocks along Cass Street and crossing the railroad tracks to Union Station. The new steel poles will be up to 120 feet tall and about 36 inches wide at ground level.

Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2024 and is expected to be complete by June 2026.

A live, virtual open house was held in October 2022. Project FAQs, photo simulations and other resources remain available at the open house link: For additional information, please call project manager Arlee Jones at 407-670-8633.