Bright Choices® provides lighting for customers of all spots and stripes, including ZooTampa!

With Tampa Electric’s Bright Choices outdoor lighting program you’ll get smart and efficient lighting, a wide variety of design styles and turnkey service. It’s as easy as flipping a switch! And, you don't have to be a Tampa Electric customer to benefit.

What kind of lights?

Bright Choices offers only premium Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights. LED lights produce a bright, natural white light that's similar to daylight. And if you're interested in LEED® certification, environmentally friendly LEDs are the way to go.

All Bright Choices LEDs include an advanced photocell that makes them “smart.” For example, if a light goes out, it will send a signal to Tampa Electric, so we know that a repair is needed. That means quicker repairs to you!

More LED benefits:

  • Energy savings – LEDs use up to 60 percent less energy and require less maintenance than conventional lighting.
  • Performance – LEDs minimize glare and capture the authentic colors of objects lit at night. They also achieve full brightness almost instantly and offer precise control over lighting patterns.
  • Long Life & Durability – LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more, are highly resistant to shock and vibration and are not sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • Environmentally friendly – LEDs contain no harmful substances such as mercury. They are dark-sky friendly because they focus light on the lighting target, generating less stray light pollution.
What kind of styles?

Bright Choices offers a variety of fixtures and poles customizable to your aesthetic and needs, including solar-powered lights and color changing LEDs. Download our Bright Choices outdoor lighting brochure to view the most popular fixtures and poles available today.

Choose from:

  • Decorative Post Tops – Ideal for residential neighborhoods, outdoor shopping and eating areas, parks and more.
  • Roadway and Area – Ideal for roadways, parking lots, building facades and more. LED lighting offers superior lighting for enhanced security.
  • Solar Lighting and Battery Storage – Store sunlight during the day so it can be used at night. Our solar lighting includes battery storage and smart technology to save energy and money.
  • Decorative Poles – We offer aluminum, composite and concrete poles in various styles and heights to accompany our post top fixtures.
  • Standard Poles – Available in concrete, aluminum and wood, we offer a variety of high-quality poles for your area and street-lighting needs.
  • Architectural LED Lighting– There are endless possibilities with architectural, color changing LED lighting. Commonly used to illuminate buildings, bridges and other structures, it can be custom programmed to use a palette of colors that can remain constant or change.

Architectural lighting illuminates our substation in midtown Tampa.

What kind of service?

Our lighting experts have years of experience and will help you design, install and maintain a custom lighting solution. With our easy and affordable Bright Choices program, you'll get:

  • Leasing with no up-front costs
  • Lighting designed and installed by trained technicians
  • Quality fixtures and poles in a variety of styles, sizes and types to complement your facility or location
  • Maintenance and repair for the life of the service
  • Electricity costs included as part of your monthly electric bill

Tampa Electric has lit the homes and businesses of Tampa Bay for more than 100 years. Bright Choices is backed by the same trusted reputation.

Contact our lighting experts online by submitting a simple form or call:

Visit our Smart Cities and Technology page to see how we're integrating the latest technology into our lighting.



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