Smart Cities and Technology

Smart Cities and Technology

We're leveraging technology to turn Tampa into a smart city. What is a smart city? It's one that uses digital technology to connect, provide services and ultimately enhance the lives of all citizens. Here are examples of how we're partnering with the community to enhance public safety today and plans we have for the near future.

Security camera pilot

We're partnering with the Tampa Police Department (TPD) and the West Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency in support of their ongoing efforts to help make Tampa's neighborhoods more attractive, safe, convenient, environmentally healthy and economically strong. As part of this security camera pilot program, we installed three cameras at the base of our new LED streetlights that TPD can access remotely and monitor activity in high-crime areas. The cameras are powered by the streetlight and allow TPD to view 360 degrees and zoom-in on objects. Potential future camera locations will be identified by TPD and the community for feasibility assessment and installation.

Gunshot detection
Zoom in.

Violent crimes involving guns is at the highest in recent years. In an effort to help the Tampa Police Department (TPD) identify and locate gun shots, we're working with a third-party technology company called Shot Spotter to install ultra-sensitive "acoustic sensors" to our LED streetlights. The partnership with TPD is showing results. Within the first year after installing sensors in June 2019, the TPD responded to more than 700-gun shots that were detected by the sensors. As of Oct. 2020, there were 18 arrests directly related to TPD officers responding to gun shots detected by the sensors. Today, there are more than 70 sensors installed in high-crime areas with plans to install additional sensors in the near future. This is just another example of how we're leveraging technology to turn Tampa into a smart city.

Other technologies we're exploring

We're exploring other technology that can be integrated into our smart LED lights and wireless meter network. For example, we're exploring streetlight-mounted sensors that can make drivers aware of vacant parking spaces, street closures and congestion. Other sensors can make drivers aware of street flooding and recommend alternative routes. Visit our smart LED upgrade video to learn more.