IGCC (Integrated Gasification, Combined-Cycle)

IGCC is a breakthrough process, which uses coal in a clean, economical and environmentally efficient manner to produce power. The process is accomplished by treating domestic coal to remove its sulfur content prior to burning. In this process, the coal is converted to gas. Air used in the combustion process is separated into nitrogen and oxygen: the nitrogen is used to cool the turbine and the oxygen is mixed with the gasified coal, then burned. The outcome is power production requiring 15 percent less fuel, achieving 10-12 percent more efficiency than normal generating stations.

And, by reusing exhaust heat, additional electricity is produced. This combined-cycle process is the most cost-efficient method today of producing commercial electricity. It is also the most environmentally friendly with respect to air emissions.

Tampa Electric's Polk Power Station is a state-of-the-art integrated gasification combined cycle power plant.