Let Power Pros™ help you produce a highly qualified, more productive workforce, deliver a consistent standard of training, and promote reliability by eliminating guesswork through standardized procedures and policies.

When you purchase Power Pros, you're purchasing a license to use the Power Pros products to train your employees. We'll get you started and guide you by explaining how the program works, teaching your instructors how to present the training modules, and instructing your company about managing the program.

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Training for Excellence

With Power Pros training, your company can expect the following results:

  • Team members are more confident in their ability to properly and safely perform their jobs.
  • Power Pros Skills Training not only benefits the team members taking the courses, but it also benefits those who serve as assistant course administrators. By administering the courses, those team members are able to keep their own skills current.
  • Apprentices are provided with a well-rounded approach that produces a competent journeyman in a short period of time.
  • Standardization and consistency, and meeting OSHA regulations.