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We believe in promoting the greater good of the communities we serve and doing all we can to positively impact society around us. Whether through ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce, investing in programs that promote growth and innovation and cultural vibrancy, or ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers and community members – we are dedicated to being a reliable and socially responsible neighbor.

Social Responsibility

Investing in Our Community

Investing today for a stronger, healthier and more prosperous society tomorrow is at the heart of our corporate citizenship. We believe we can make a difference by focusing our energy on building knowledgeable, innovative, healthy and vibrant communities – and we have done so through financial investments and volunteering in the neighborhoods where we live, work and serve for more than 125 years and counting.

To best steward our resources, we have intentionally selected four main focus areas where we believe we can have the deepest and longest-lasting impact. These include Growth and Innovation, Youth Programs and Education, Wellness and Well-Being, and Cultural Vitality. In 2023, Tampa Electric supported more than 150 events and over 200 organizations. On top of that, our team members invested 36,050 volunteer hours for the good of our community.

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Fostering a Culture of Belonging

Creating a more equitable and inclusive society begins at the local level. For us, that starts with fostering a company culture where all our employees are encouraged to bring their unique talents, experiences and perspectives to work every day. At Tampa Electric, we are committed to ensuring we not only reflect the diverse communities we serve on paper, but that we look holistically at how we promote an organizational culture where every employee feels truly welcomed, valued and engaged.

To help us advance this commitment, we established an Inclusion and Diversity Council in 2020 to drive these efforts across the company. The Council is supported by a broad team of ambassadors, who are committed to advancing and championing this work. To date, these efforts have included launching unconscious bias training for all employees, reviewing and aligning our workforce and talent-acquisition processes and practices to ensure inclusion and diversity, and spotlighting these important conversations each month.

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Putting Safety First

A safe society is a prosperous society. At Tampa Electric, we are committed to putting safety first in everything we do – whether ensuring the safety of our employees and contractors, protecting the well-being of our customers, or being a safe and reliable energy provider and corporate citizen to the communities we serve.

As our company's No. 1 priority, the relentless pursuit of safety is not just something we talk about at Tampa Electric, but something that guides every discussion and business decision. In 2017, we launched a five-year safety plan that established several new programs, trainings and employee-engagement efforts across the company to continue cultivating this culture of safety. Through that work, we have experienced year-over-year growth in our safety outcomes – with 2020 being the safest year on record.

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Investing in Sustainability

Our environment is a precious commodity–and we are dedicated to protecting and preserving it as we serve the energy needs of our communities. Tampa Electric has been leading environmental stewardship for more than 22 years, starting with the launch of our ambitious environmental improvement plan in 1999. Since then, we have achieved enormous success in reducing emissions while continuing to leverage technology to reduce our carbon footprint, with the goal of removing the equivalent of 1 million cars from the road by 2023.

We are the state's top producer of solar energy per customer (powering more than 100,000 homes, businesses and schools with the sun), continue to advance the use of electric vehicles both inside and outside our company, and offer more energy-efficiency programs than any other electric utility in the state. Plus, as part of our dedication to wildlife and habitat conservation, we were the first utility in Florida to establish an avian protection program as part of our focus on powering a cleaner, greener future.

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Supporting our Customers and Community Members

As a committed corporate citizen, we are proud to partner with non-profit groups throughout the region to ensure our neighbors and community members have access to the resources they need – whether food, housing, education, behavioral and mental health services, disaster relief, crisis support and more.

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