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Smart Meter Project FAQs

A. We're upgrading meters as part of building a smarter energy infrastructure. The new equipment supports our ongoing efforts to provide you with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.
A. Your current "Automated Meter Reading" meter is read remotely by a truck-mounted receiver and is considered a first-generation smart meter. The new meter, also referred to as a smart meter or "Advanced Metering Infrastructure" meter, is a second-generation smart meter and sends data to Tampa Electric through a secure radio frequency network and eliminates the need for a truck to drive by to read your meter each month. You'll get additional benefits once everyone in our community has a new meter by early 2022. For example, we'll be able to start or transfer service remotely, respond to outages more quickly and provide you with additional information about your energy use so you can be more efficient.
A. No, your new meter will have no impact on your service, your account number or your billing date. There is no charge for this new meter. You will experience a brief interruption in service when your new meter is installed.
A. You do not need to be present for the installation. If you have previously provided specific access instructions for regularly scheduled meter readings, Tampa Electric will follow those instructions for entry. If you are not present at the time of installation, a door hanger noting that the installation is complete will be posted.
A. No, Tampa Electric is not monitoring your appliances with the new meter. The new meters are not providing Tampa Electric with information on how you use electricity inside your home or business. Smart meters are proven technology and are safe and secure. All communications are delivered across secure networks.
A. Your new meter will collect and store energy usage data. This data is sent to Tampa Electric through a secure radio frequency (RF) network.
A. No, your new meter emits a low level of RF. Exposure to RF from the meter is a fraction of the level that's emitted from other commonly used household devices, such as cell phones, garage door openers, televisions, baby monitors, microwaves and wireless internet. Also, advanced metering systems only transmit data for a few seconds per hour, and at average levels far below the safety standards specified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Learn more.
A. No, if you lease Zap Cap Systems surge protection equipment from Tampa Electric, your new meter will not interfere with your Zap Cap Systems equipment.
A. If you don't want this meter installed now, you have the option to decline at this time. However, please be aware that in the near future, fees will be assessed for customers who permanently opt-out of having a smart meter and prefer to have a traditional meter that requires a truck to drive by to read it each month.

Exact fees and opt-out program requirements are still under development and will ultimately be approved by the Florida Public Service Commission in the near future.
A. For questions about your new meter, please call CCI toll-free at 844-213-8243 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also email:
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