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For over 100 years, TECO has developed a significant legacy of investment in our community through financial contributions and volunteerism. Our participation and support impacts where we live, work, and serve. By focusing our energy on building knowledgeable, innovative, healthy, and vibrant communities, we believe we can make a difference.

Youth Programs & Education

We're lighting the way to a brighter future, and are passionate about supporting the next generation of leaders. We invest in opportunities for young people to learn and grow, realize their full potential and get excited about being involved in their community. Investing in our youth ultimately builds a stronger, more diverse and inclusive community and business. Our focus is educational programs and initiatives that support science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Through education and outreach, we want to be an employer of choice for ambitious young people entering the workforce.

Wellness & Well-Being

Corporate Citizenship

Promoting health and wellness is part of our commitment to the community. Our focus on safety starts with our team and extends to our partners, our communities and our environment. We are dedicated to increasing mental health awareness and supporting research facilities that center on women, children and burn victims to improve their overall health and well-being. The pandemic exposed our mental health vulnerabilities that can result from isolation. Good mental health is important to overall physical health. Not only can it aid in keeping you healthy, but also it can help prevent serious health conditions.

Cultural Vitality

Corporate Citizenship

Appreciation of the arts and cultural education initiatives are important priorities for Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas. Other initiatives include working with organizations striving to eliminate human trafficking, homelessness and unemployment, and providing affordable housing. We recognize that practicing environmental stewardship through resiliency and renewable energy is also important to communities we serve. Energy and water conservation, as well as preservation of wildlife and natural resources are other ways we keep the future bright for our customers.

Growth & Innovation

Corporate Citizenship

Innovation is a key driver of growth for our business and our communities. We are committed to stimulating economic development efforts within each community. These efforts encourage youth, women and minorities to participate in civic activities. We are investing in progress and growth in the communities through job creation and innovative start-ups. At Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas, we believe by supporting innovation, we can help our community adapt and help cement future success.

Partner With Us

Corporate Citizenship

We are proud to work with various organizations to build stronger, safer and more innovative communities. We value the opportunity to collaborate with others and appreciate your interest in TECO as a community partner. Together, we can address pressing needs and make our diverse community work for everyone. If your organization is interested in potentially partnering with us, submit a support request application.